Terms & Condition

Terms of Use:

The customers, by logging into their account, entering their email, and accepting the notifications from the company, agree to experience personalized company deals every day. The customers may cancel their subscription any day. The terms of the company are effective from 18th September, 2019. The terms are as follows:

Terms of Use Acceptance:

Free Coupons Cut operating and owning any website, touch devices, phones, or any website to be launched in future, these terms of use are applicable on all of them. The customers agree on the terms of use, when they use the services through the websites of the company, or sign up for an account. The customers must visit the terms of use regularly to keep themselves updated to any changes. If customers do not agree on the company’s terms of use, then they should not use the services of the company and immediately remove their account from the company’s website. The following are the components of terms of use.

Website Ownership:

The website, the content of the website, and the fundamentals used to provide the website are proprietary to the company, its associates, other content givers, and merchants. The company grants its customers a personal, limited, revocable, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license to use the website followed by the terms of use set by the company when the customers use the website and accept these terms. Also, the customers must agree not to distribute, reproduce, or resell any kind of content provided by the website of the company.


Website Use:

In order to use the website, the customers must agree that they have reached the age of 18 in the province, or state in which the they reside; the customers are able to create a legal obligation binding; the customers are not prohibited legally from receiving the services from the company; the customers will not use the services through any other extraction tools or functionality; the customers will purchase the services only and not use or resell them to any third-party; the information provided by the customers to the company’s website must be true, accurate, current, and complete; all the purchases made by the customers must be according to the terms and conditions mentioned by the company.


Website Access:

The company has all the rights to deny or use the website for availing any service, or removing any account at any time. Sometimes, the website may not be available to the customers for maintenance purposes or any other reason; customers must agree and understand such type of interruptions.



The company reserves all the rights to update or discontinue these terms and conditions at any time. The customers will get notified for the moderation process of the terms of use if their use of website or services may get affected. The changes in the terms will get effective from the day the customers will get notified. If the customers do not agree on the changes, they may cancel their subscription of the website.


Customer’s Account:

The customers must hold and create only one account on the website for their personal use with the accurate details of their credit card. The customers are responsible for correcting and updating their information submitted on the website. As a part of the account settings, the customers have an option to delete, edit, or save their personal information. The customers must safeguard their password and account settings to avoid any sort of mishandling of their information. The customers must also agree that they are solely responsible for all the activities happening from their account. The customer’s account cannot be transferred.


Customer’s Conduct:

All the interactions of the customers must be according to the terms of use mentioned by the company. The customers cannot visit the websites or links that are prohibited by the company. The company will terminate their accounts if found using the following prohibited activities; if the customer submits any content to the website that is inaccurate, unauthorized, fraud, and provides false information. The breaching of applicable laws, or content containing viruses could also result in the cancellation of the customer’s account. Also, the usage of any website content, framing techniques, or websites for advertisements is also prohibited. The engagement in any sort of reselling, deep-linking, aggregation of content, hyperlinking, violation of restrictions, illegal actions, or exceeding the purchase limits, is also not allowed according to the terms of use of the company.


Customer’s Privacy:

The privacy of the customers’ personal information is taken seriously by the company. The company encourages its customers to read the privacy policy carefully in order to understand their information usage by the company.


Sales Terms:

The customers must agree on the terms of sale before purchasing any service, provided by the company.


The Special Plans:

The customers, by participating in the special plans offered by the company, such as Free Coupons Cut bucks, refer-a-friend, trade-in programs, Free Coupons Cut reserves, Free Coupons Cut plus, or coupon deals, agree on the terms mentioned by the company.


Trademarks and Copyrights:

All the trademarks, copyrights, and any sort of photos, texts, graphics, music, software, or videos of the company are secured by the U.S. trademark and copyright laws. The company owns a copyright in the coordination, selection, enhancement, and arrangement of the original and other contents. The customers must agree that they will not download any copyrighted material. Any disruption of the trademarks or copyrights will cause the customers to pay civil penalties. The company owns unregistered and registered trademarks in many countries. The trademarks of the company are registered in the following countries; Antigua, Armenia, Argentina, Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Bahrain, Belarus, Bahamas, Chile, Costa Rica, Columbia, Canada, Dominican Republic, the European Union, Egypt, Ecuador, Germany, France, Hong Kong, India, Iceland, Israel, Indonesia, Jordan, Japan, Jamaica, Kenya, Liechtenstein, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Moldova, Macedonia, Norway, Nigeria, New Zealand, Philippines, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, U.S.A., U.A.E., Uruguay, Vietnam, and Venezuela.


Content of User:

The website may give its registered visitors and users several opportunities to post or submit reviews, advice, opinions, discussions, ratings, comments, survey responses, messages, images, videos, files, photographs, musical works, or sound recordings posted or submitted to the website through discussions groups, surveys, forums, blogs, bulletin boards, or any other facility of communication that may be offered in connection with the website occasionally. If the customers are contributing in user content, they must not submit any content which has trademarks and copyrights involved. The customers agree that they will not upload any content that is harmful, unlawful, threatening, tortious, harassing, racist, pornographic, or misleading. The company has all the rights to edit, remove, or review the posts of the user content and then disclose it to the third-party at any time. The company may use the user content or may not use it at all, solely depends on the company.


Unsought ideas:

The company do not accept any unsought ideas given through the company’s agents or employees, or directly by the customers. The customers must not send any unsought suggestions, ideas, images, or materials to the company, otherwise the following terms of use will apply to them; the company has no restrictions to review the unsought ideas or to keep them confidential; and the company will own, redistribute, or use unsought ideas for any purpose without any obligation to compensate or acknowledge the customers.


DMCA Procedure & Infringement Reporting Procedure:

Procedure of DMCA: The company reserves the rights to terminate any third-party or the customer’s rights to utilize the website, if this use breaks the copyrights of others. If the company finds out that a third-party or a customer is a repeat breaker of copyrights, the company will terminate their access to the website.


Procedure of Infringement Reporting: If any customer owns the patent, trademarks, or copyrights, or if the customer is an authorized agent on IP rights owner’s behalf, and the customer has full belief of the infringement of the copyrights or trademarks, they can report to the company by filing a complaint on the platform provided by the company.


Warranty Disclaimer:

The customers expressly agree that the use of the website is solely their own risk, and not the company or its subsidiaries or associates, agents, respective employees, licencors, third-party content providers or merchants, warrant that the use of the website will be error free, virus free, secure, or uninterrupted, nor they make any warranty for the outcomes that may be created through the use of website or the reliability, accuracy, or completeness of the content, information of merchants ‘offerings, and user content, as permitted by the law. The company, as allowed by the applicable law, disclaims all the conditions, warranties, and representations, whether implied or expressed, as to the management of the website or the user content, or the information about the products, merchant offerings or any other offerings available on the website.


Liability Limitation:

The customers expressly agree that, not the company or its subsidiaries or associates, agents, respective employees, licensors, third-party content providers or merchants, are liable for any indirect or direct lost profits or indirect, accidental or consequential business damages related to the customers’ use of the content, website, or user content; or removal or modification of the content; customers’ inability to use website; the merchant’s offerings; and other available plans surpass the amount paid for the services and products.



When the customers send emails or use the website of the company, they are electronically communicating with the company. The company interacts with the customers through notices and emails. The customers agree that all disclosures, notices, and agreements send to them electronically assure all legal requirements.


Others’ Websites:

The company’s website contains links of websites of others. The links of others are just shown for the purpose of convenience to the customers, and not advertising them. The company does not claim any accuracy or fraud that would be available in those links. If the customers utilize those links, it is solely at their own risk. The company would not be liable or responsible for any indirect or direct damage to the customers.


Release & Indemnification:

The customers agree to hold, indemnify, or defend the company, its associates and subsidiaries, respective employees, directors, agents, and officers as harmless against and from all the expenses and claims including user content submitted by the customers which is prohibit by the terms of the company. The customers are responsible for their interactions with business partners, merchants, or third-party.


Majeure Force:

The company shall be excused from the circumstances that occur beyond the control of humans which includes weather conditions, acts of terrorism or wars, civil disorders, labor strikes, and other reasons that cannot be handles by the company or its merchants.


Customers’ Assignment:

The customers must not assign any terms of use, obligations, benefits, or rights, without the agreement of the company. Any tried assignment that does not obey the terms and policies of the company shall be void and null.


Total Agreement:

The total agreement includes the special program, terms of sale, and privacy statements to have an understanding between the company and its customers.


Law Choice:

All the issues regarding the terms of use of the company’s website will be solved under the laws of Illinois state. The residents of Canada will resolve their issues related to the terms of use under the laws in that province in which they may be residing at the time of accepting these terms and conditions.


Arbitration or Dispute Resolution:

Any claim or dispute between the customers and the company or its associates, merchants, directors, employees, subsidiaries, or officers in connection with, or arising out of the terms of use, customers’ personal information, merchants’ offerings or any product, or the website or customer’s use of website, shall be settled by binding arbitration, except for when the customer claims a dispute in small courts. The American Arbitration Association administers the arbitration according to the laws mention by the association. The company will reimburse its customers an amount of less than ten thousand dollars as a fee of disputes, unless the arbitrator claims the dispute to be worthless.

The company and the customers both agree that they will not use class power in any of the disputes to win the case. They both also agree that the dispute will be resolved on the basis of individual capacity and arbitrator’s decision and not class.


Travel Services License to Sell:

The company has been given license to sell its travel services in the following states; Washington, Florida. Lowa, and Hawaii with the provided license numbers.


Extra Disclosures:

There shall be no waiver from the company or its customers for any failure, breach, or default in the rights mention in the terms of use. The headings of the sections mentioned on the terms of use are only for customers’ convenience and shall not affect legally. If the jurisdiction court claims any of the company’s terms of use provision invalid, this will not have any impact on other provisions mentioned in the terms of use of the company, and they will be applied in full effect and force. For the residents of California, the company has a separate complaint unit where they can report their complains. The components of the terms of use are equally and directly applicable on all the customers, company, its associates, employees, merchants, and all the company’s entities.