Privacy & Policy

Privacy Policy:

The privacy statement of the company is effective from 1st January, 2020. This privacy policy explains how the company, its subsidiaries, and its associates use the customers information and this policy is applicable to all the users that are on the company’s websites and other mediums including electronic services, mobile applications, online services, social networking sites, touch technologies, interactive features, or any other online activities that are controlled by the company. The company’s privacy policy is organized as mentioned below.

The Types of Information Collection:

Free Coupons Cut gathers all types of personal information of its users to interact with them individually. These are the types of personal information gathered by the company; the contact information including phone number, social media account, email ID, and home address; the information of location to locate the users nearby the merchants, or company stores; the relation information which guides the company to understand the users’ life style preferences and product’s interest; the analytical information including the users’ IP address, the ID of devices, names and models of devices, operating systems, and the users’ activities on the services; the information of transaction including all the information related to the purchase made by the users utilizing the services.


Process of Collecting Information:

Free Coupons Cut gathers the personal information of the users when they create their accounts on the website of Free Coupons Cut. Another way of gathering information is when the user interacts during the services’ purchase. Free Coupons Cut, from time to time also gathers the information of its users from the third party which provides information about their interests and demographics.


Process of Utilizing information:

We may use this collected information as mentioned in the privacy policy. The information may be use to improve, maintain, and operate the programs and services; to fulfill and facilitate orders of the users; to answer the queries; to process the payments; to send notices, reminders, marketing messages, updates, support, and security alerts to the users; to verify user’s request; to evaluate the eligibility of the users; to administer the events, contests, promotional activities or rewards organized by the company or other business partners; and to use the data as mentioned in the Card linked programs.


Disclosure of Personal Information:

The company may share the users’ information when there is a legal proceeding involved due to any fraud in order to protect the rights of the company, its users, and business partners. The company discloses the information of the users to the third-party in the following categories; demographics, identifiers, financial information, location information, commercial information, network and internet activity.


Personal Information Security:

Free Coupons Cut has installed a security of information program that includes physical, technical, and administrative controls that are responsible for securing the personal information of the users. Also, there is no 100% secured security program available on the internet, so any mishandling of the information might not in control of the company.


Customer’s Rights for Personal Information:

The customers have certain rights for their personal information. The customers have the right to request and know about the specific pieces and categories of information the company has collected in the last 1 year, also about the categories of information shared with the third-party during the purchases. The customers have the right to update and remove their personal and financial information anytime from their account on the website.


Customer’s Choice:

The customers have the choice to limit their personal information sharing with the company. they can also limit the communications through commercial emails, cookies, device data, and emails from the business partners.


Areas of Social Networks:

The services that are given by the company sometimes link to the social platforms where the customer’s information can be publicly available and can be used by any other person using the same platform.


Third-Party’s Privacy Practices:

The company’s privacy policy only subjects to the matters of the information and interaction that the users make during the purchase of the services. The business partners and merchants also mention their privacy statements that are linked to the company. The company encourages the customers to get themselves familiarize form these privacy policies in order to avoid any mishaps.


Corporate changes & Business transfers:

The company reserves all the rights to transfer, disclose, and license all the information associated with the services, including the personal information to the subsequent operator, co-owner, and owner of the services.



Notices for Outsiders:

The company offer its services only to Mexico, Canada, and U.S.A. The customers’ information living outside Canada and U.S.A. will be grasped according to international privacy policy of the company. By using this service, the information of the customers transfers directly to the U.S.A. The company makes sure to protect the personal information of the outsiders in the manner mentioned in the privacy policy.


Privacy for Children:

Free Coupons Cut does not allow the children under 16 years of age to create account on their website.


Contact Information:

The customers can contact us for any queries related to the services through their official email or postal address.


Privacy Rights of California and Other Countries:

The residents of Canada can inquire about their queries from the company by emailing them. The residents of California under 18 years of age, the California’s professional section allows them to remove information or content that has been posted publicly.